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Virginia Gattai

Mother, nutritionist, plant-based chef but mainly a human being in its journey and a soul in continuous evolution and growth.

I try to be what I am, to be driven by my Heart and live a life that can reflect this as much as possible…

My professional path

I received in Rome my Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics followed by a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition Science. Once completed university and equipped with a solid scientific background, I have undertaken a personal research path dedicating myself, with curiosity and passion, to the exploration and in-depth analysis of complementary therapies. These include Reiki, Theta e Pranic Healing, EFT, Crystal Healing, floritherapy, Yoga and transcendental meditation. In the last years, I have looked more into the relation between chakra and food, becoming Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner following a course by Dr. Deanna Minich PhD, worldwide specialist in Functional Medicine.

I have specialized in eating disorders working with multidisciplinary teams first in Guidonia, in a therapeutic community, then in Rome, in a specialized centre. I have collaborated in an educational program promoted by the Italian Health Ministry for overweight and obesity prevention in children and teens, together with the “Università degli Studi di Catania”. I work with the “La Repubblica” online newspaper through nutrition articles and answer to reader’s question as expert.

The strong desire to know besides the biochemical composition also the origin and the physical and energetic potential of the food have pushed me to deepen the energetic-spiritual connection with the Earth through the Biodynamic Agriculture Course of the first level. My love for the energy of food and for natural cooking also led me to follow the entire path to become a Chef of Natural Cooking at the Sana Gola school in Milan.

” The quality of what we put in our plates matches the quality of our health, and the love we put in preparing our food matches the love towards ourselves and life.”
– Virginia Gattai

My approach

“Nurture yourself” originates from a personal, as well professional, path and story. It derives from the awareness that food is much more than just material, the same way as we are much more than simply a physical body. Like a rainbow, we are made of countless colours: bodyemotions, thoughtslove, authenticity, dreams, spirituality and many more. To find balance and shine of our complete potentials, all these aspects must be righteously nurtured through vital and coloured nourishment, but also through our lifestyle. Breathe correctly, keep contact with nature, take time to think and be with oneself, move, relax, free and express creativity and talents, have a calm mind, be part of a group of people with same visions… All this is as important as what we put on our plates.

What and how we eat reflects faithfully the connection we have with ourselves and with life.

My vision is to guide with love whoever addresses me through a path that takes to a greater self-awareness, so to find balance, health and well-being in each aspect constituting the persons uniqueness.

In order to find inner balance and irradiate your full potential feed yourself with Nature’s colors…


A colorful palette of tools and natural ways to find out your own balance…


Feed your mind, expand your heart and if you wish to follow my tips…

Su di me

Chakra & Food

How does your vital energy flow?

Chakras are our energetic cores. They are found in correspondence of the main body systems and apparatus. According to how we are living and eating, the energies within these cores can be in excess, insufficient or balanced. Once understood where we are more energised and where less, we can undertake the required direction to bring back the balance thanks to correct nutrition and actions!

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“Listen to the wind it talks,
Listen to the silence , it speaks.
Listen to your heart it knows.” 

~ Native American proverb ~

“The choices we make at the table reflect the choices we make in life” 

- Virginia Gattai

“If we think we eat solely to feed our physical body, we are wrong: we also eat to nourish our heart, mind, soul and spirit” 

- Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

The kitchen is alchemical, a place where we cook—actually and spiritually. We come to it for nourishment and ease. We go to the kitchen to be nourished and revealed. It is a holy place”

- Gunilla Norris

By becoming aware on how we eat we become aware on how we live

- Virginia Gattai

“If someone ask for help on recovering from its illness, the first thing you have to ask him is: are you ready to stop with the reasons that make your disease appear? Only in that moment it would be possible to help him”

– Ippocrate