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“From body food to food for the Spirit”

A theoretical and experiential workshop, to raise awareness of it through food and the relationship with it.

To be in balance and in health is not enough to nourish the only physical part of our being; many are in fact the aspects that, by continually interacting with each other, make up the uniqueness and totality of who we are: the body, the emotions, the thoughts, the love, the truth, the intuition and the spirit.

Ayurvedic Medicine calls each of these seven chakra aspects, energy centers aligned vertically along the spine, which are in correspondence with the main systems and body structures.

During the meeting, these aspects will be explored from a physiological, symbolic point of view and in relation to food and eating habits.

A journey aimed at all those who want to go beyond the concept of nutrition and expand their vision of creative, transformative and curative potentials of food and true nutrition.

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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not in fighting the old man, but in building the new one.” 

- Socrate