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Nutri te stesso

Nurture yourself

The path to True Nourishment…

Nurture yourself” originates from a personal, as well as professional, path and story. It derives from the awareness that food is much more than just material, the same way as we are much more than simply a physical body.

Like a rainbow, we are made of countless colours: bodyemotions, thoughts, love, authenticity, dreams, spirituality and many more. To find balance and shine of our complete potentials, all these aspects must be righteously nurtured through vital and coloured nourishment, but also through our lifestyle.

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Chickpeas hummus

If you would have healthy bones this creamy sauce fits perfect. Both chickpeas and sesame contain great amount of calcium, an essential mineral for skeletal. Plus vitamin C its really


“My experience with Virginia, Dr. Gattai, goes back to 2014-15. I was 22-23 years old and met her after 10 years of a long diet history; the most recent of which had made me lose much weight, but it had completely misled my person mentally taking me to…”

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