Experiential natural cooking class: nourish your rainbow

//Experiential natural cooking class: nourish your rainbow

Experiential natural cooking class: nourish your rainbow

Not only will this course plunge you in the fragrances, colours and consistencies of Mother Earth foods, but it will be a real, experiential and creative activity in which food will be explored and spoken of in physical, energetic and spiritual terms.
The Nutritionist and natural cooking Chef Virginia Gattai, owner of Biviere Estate, will lead you into a true “colour journey”, introducing concepts such as the healing and beneficial properties of foods as well as their effects on the chakras – the 7 main energy centres that make up every Being. What we eat affects not only our physical body but also the quality of our thoughts and emotions.
During the lessons, different recipes which balance each chakra will be illustrated and prepared, all of which can bring energy, vitality, health and taste to your life.

Details of the 3 hours event

NURTURE THE ROOTS: the rooting and foundations of our being. Foods that give stability and structure: proteins and plants that grow underground. Eat in a state of presence.

Corso di cucinaNURTURE THE FLOW: creativity and movement of emotions. Foods that favour ” the flow”: Fats, water and tropical fruits. Be creative in the kitchen.

NURTURE THE FIRE: the self-esteem and the power of thoughts. Foods that support a person’s energy: carbohydrates, fibres and spices. Eat with balance.

NURTURE THE HEART: love and wisdom of feelings. Foods that promote openness and expansion: green leafy vegetables, sprouts and crucifers. Eat with gratitude.

NURTURE THE TRUTH: Authenticity and expression through voice. Foods that promote “communication”: watery fruit, sauces, juices, soups and seaweed. Eat with all the senses: mindful eating.

NURTURE INTUITION: the inner vision and the power of imagination. Foods that help memory and cognitive abilities: caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, spices and berries. Eat intuitively.

NURTURE THE SPIRIT: light and connection to a higher purpose. Foods that absorb sunlight, organic foods, raw foods, and detoxification practices. Eating in connection with everything that is.

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