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Ricette per la salute

The healing power…

…of food that Mother Nature donates to us is extraordinary.

Here you will find recipes functional to our health, which use the beneficial properties of foods, capable of bringing benefit to every corporal system or apparatus.

Recipes which are easy and therapeutic but mainly good and tasty, also because for our health to shine you can eat with enthusiasm!

So many recipes…

…to satisfy our senses and irradiate wellbeing!

Chickpeas hummus

If you would have healthy bones this creamy sauce fits perfect. Both chickpeas and sesame contain great amount of calcium, an essential mineral for skeletal. Plus vitamin C its really

Borrage rice

Do you suffer from bronchitis, cough, and throat inflammations? Thanks to its compounds borrage herb it's an amazing natural remedy for respiratory issues. Its potassium content gives you also a great diuretic effect

“The best place for world’s care, other than light, air, water and earth, is a kitchen managed with comprehension, accuracy and love.” 

- Ildegarda di Bingen, mistica tedesca 1098 - 1179

“The quality of what we put in our plates matches the quality of our health, and the love we put in preparing our food matches the love towards ourselves and life.

- Virginia Gattai